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Let's take a look at creating a post via the editor.  We will include how to enter an image.

This is a sample post.  Default font is Arial 12 but you can choose from nine different fonts.  Font size should normally be 10 or 12.  Examples below.

Arial 10  Arial 12 Arial 14  Arial 16  Arial 16 Bold Arial 12 Italic

Lucida Sans 12  Lucida Sans 14  Verdana 12  Verdana 14

Times New Roman 14

For normal use I recommend sticking with Arial or Verdana as both display well with most browsers.  Do stay away from using Times New Roman as it can be difficult to read for some folks.  

Rignt now everything is aligned to the left, but you can center text, make it align to the right, or float (justify) so as to make text go to both margins.  If you leave your cursor over any of the editor icons you will see a popup that tells you what it does.  

One thing that will take a bit of explaining is the entry of links, and while we are at it, the inclusion of images. 

Link image exampleTo insert a link to a web address use the Link icon.  

This is a good opportunity to go over how to add an image to your post.

To insert the image of the icon I first had to make a JPEG shot of it.  I did a copy to clipboard of the link image above and then with PhotoShop Elements created the image via New File - from Image from Clipboard. Then I used File Save for Web to save it as a JPEG file. I then uploaded it, and then inserted it.

Initially it is positioned with no formating or alignment.. like this: (I captured the text before and after)

Double clicking on the inserted image brings up this Image Properties box:

The Preview lets you see how it will align with no changes. I normally add a little horizontal space (5) so as to add some white space before the text, and set the alignment to the left, like below.  

Note, you can also adjust the width and height of the image but avoid making major changes.  Better to recreate the image and upload the JPEG for use.  

You can currently upload up to eight images for a given post.  

If you don't like the position of the image you can try to drag it to a new position, or just delete and re-insert it.  

Okay?  Back to using the Link icon.  Highlite the text you want to link from then click on the icon.  You should see this:

Type in the URL link and you are all set.  If it is to an image, once linked you can double click on the image and resize it and select an alignment, just like we did above with the uploaded images.   For posts of current news that I will later delete or remove from the website, or where there might be copyright issues, I usually do a link to the original image and give credits at the end of the post.  That way when the post is no longer current we can delete it and not have wasted space on the server.  

Below the edit box are several more options.

You should see a Disable rich-text link.  Rich text is a formated view of your post.  If you disable it you will see the raw html formatting.  As an eboard member we allow you to use Full HTML for formatting which lets you do quite a lot.  Members are restricted Filtered HTML which keeps them from using some formats that are dangerous to the website (think Spam and other malicious stuff).  Click on the More information about text formats link to learn more.

Menu Settings  Your post are never going to be put in a menu, so you can always skip that.

Revision information  If you later make changes to a post you can note the changes here.  

Scheduling options   You can delay the posting of an item or announcement via this option.

Authoring information  It will tie the post to you, but if doing the post for someone else you can enter their name in, and adjust when it was authored. 

Publishing options  This is the biggy.  When you create the item it is in an unpublished state, ie a draft.  Not until you publish it and post it to the front page will folks see it.  There are three check boxes.. Published, Promoted to front page, and Sticky at top of lists.  The first two need to be checked when you are finished and ready for folks to see the post.  If it is an important one that needs to be the top most item, check on the Sticky option.  (Promoted to front page may already be checked but if not, check it)

Preview Delete  Always Preview your work before publishing.  After doing a preview you will be given the option to Save. Never close the window without doing a Save first.  Otherwise all your work will be lost.  IF you have a poor internet connection I recommend saving often.  

Part of preview is seeing the teaser that will be shown.  One can accept what is automatically selected or insert a hidden break to adjust the amount of text shown (one must turn RTF off to do that), or one can enter different text altogether for the teaser.  Sometimes that is the easiest way.  

Important.  Your published and unpublished items may be seen by going to your Account and then clicking on the My Content tab.    Once published as the author you can also click on the item as displayed on the site and edit it. Look for a small gear icon in the upper right corner to bring up the edit menu.    

Once you have published it your will see another option when you edit it.  Comments.  You can turn that on if you wish.  By default it is turned off on this template.  

What if you only want current members to see the post?  At the top you will see a tab Access Control.  Click on it and you should see quite a few options.  Under  View any article content  and  View own article content   deselect anonymous user and authenticated user and select member and test member.

Like so:  

Once you have published the post do double check that folks can not see it by logging out and then viewing the website.  



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