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Looking For A New F-4 Society Store Volunteer Merchandise Manager!!!

Updated March 12th, 2017

The F-4 Phantom II Society’s Store is asking anyone with a desire to give service to others, that owns an Internet accessable Computer/Printer, about 20 linear feet x 9 ft tall of secure space to please "Step-Up" throwing their name and skills into the ring to be the New Volunteer Store Merchandise Manager.

Bennefits include but are not limted to;

  • Lifetime Membership in the Society, 
  • Full and ongoing supportive training on its E-Commerce Order fulfillment syetm, 
  • Direct communications with F-4 Phantom II loving folks from all over the world, 
  • Satisfaction of giving service to a not for profit Phantom II Society organization, 
  • Being "THE" caretaker of all Society Store Merchanidise inventory at no cost. 

The Society Store has been managed by Paul Kuzinski, a retired Executive Consultant for the past 5 years. Paul has decided it is time for him to “File a New Flight Plan” in his retirement with his wife Barbara. The Store is currently based in Lawrence, Kansas. 

If interested, please contact Paul directly at;, or by phone; 785-856-2726.  


I had a nice conversation with Paul, our store merchandising manager, he expressed that noone had stepped forward to help the Society.  I too felt that with the number of members we currently have I thought that position would have been filled easily.

I am asking just one person to step forward and take the position that is vitally important to the Society.  I hope you all will give careful thought about giving back to your organization and accept the position of merchandising manager.

Thank you from your president.

Tom Hughes




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