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Last F-4 departs Davis-Monthan

Courtesy photo/released by Public Affairs DMAFB

AMARG's phinal Phantom delivery, RF-4C 68-0599, departed today {4/17} at 0955, making a successful landing at BAE Systems in Mojave, Calif.

Smoke Trails 19-1 is OUT!

   In case you have not noticed Smoke Trails 19-1 is out and available in our Store for download ($5). 

Of course, current F-4 Society members get it for free via a special link when they log in to the website.  

New items in the store

The New Year brings a few new and different items in our store.

At the top of the list is something folks at PhanCon 2012 saw and almost always asked where they could get one.  It is a ceramic tile of the Spook, about six by four inches in size.  We now have a special arrangement for these in three colors suitable for hanging, for use as a paper weight, or incorporated in a full tile layout such as a counter backsplash.

Last Phantom selected for Drone Conversion

The final F-4 Phantom destined for conversion to a QF-4 aerial target drone recently entered the 309th Aircraft Maintenance and Regeneration Group's refurbishment line at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., according to the Desert Lightning News, the base newspaper. AMARG workers last month towed the RF-4C reconnaissance airframe from the base's aircraft boneyard into a hangar in preparation for modification to its drone configuration, stated the newspaper's June 1 edition.


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