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Smoke Trails

Smoke Trails 24-2 Released

Smoke Trails 24-2 is now available for download to members in good standing from the Members Only tab.  All others can purchase for 5 dollars in the F-4 Phantom II Society store in a few days.

Smoke Trails 24-1 Released

Smoke Trails 24-1 has just been released.  Members in good standing can download it immediately by logging in and going to the Members Only Smoke Trails tab.  All others may purchase it in the F-4 Store.

Smoke Trails 23-1 Has Been Released

Smoke Trails 23-1 is now available to active members for free download in the Members Only Smoke Trails tab.  Non-members will have access to Smoke Trails in about one week for sale in the F-4 Store.

Smoke Trails 22-2 Released

Smoke Trails 22-2 has been released.  Included inside is a report on the QF-4 Phinal Phlyout in December 2016, Phan-Con 2016, a history of Holloman Air Force Base and a storied career as told by WAM Harkins.

Member in Good Standing: you can log-in and download your FREE copy in the Members Only Smoke Trails tab along the left column.

Members Only Smoke Trails now Available

Members Only Smoke Trails Volume 22-1 is now available.  Once logged in, proceed to the Members Only section on the left side of this page and click on Members Only Smoke Trails.

Smoke Trails Photo Request

We are looking for photos from past Phantom Conferences held at Tyndall AFB.  The base hosted many of our PhanCons and we are planning to publish a photo tribute for their support.  The Editor is looking for photos from 1998 and 2006, as we have many images on our website from more recent years.  If you would like to contribute and see one of your photos in the next edition of Smoke Trails, contact the Editor at .

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