We had a great time in October 2009 at PhanCon out at Holloman AFB, New Mexico.

To the right are links to albums of photos taken during PhanCon by our members. Enjoy!

Holloman will be the last base to host QF-4 operations, which will end sometime in 2016. PhanCon 2016 will be held there, so plan accordingly.


F-4 Phantom II Society

F-4 Phantom II Society PhanCon 2009

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Click on photos to go to individual Albums. Our thanks to Garry Carne, Clark Creber, Brian Emch, Patty Jacobssen, Craig Kaston, Fred Sheffler, Buck Siebert, David Wimmer and our PhanCon Photographer, Shana Wittenwyler for sharing these memories with us.

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