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Last F-4 departs Davis-Monthan

Courtesy photo/released by Public Affairs DMAFB

AMARG's phinal Phantom delivery, RF-4C 68-0599, departed today {4/17} at 0955, making a successful landing at BAE Systems in Mojave, Calif.

Helen and I had the pleasure last Friday to visit with 0599 in Fuel Cell Maint. Thanks David & Terry and the whole bunch out there.  I gave her the Ol Crew Chief Rub on the Belly , an told her "Thank you".   I am sure if it was Rick Nelson flew her it was a good flight . Thanks for the Memories,  Phantoms & Mr. Mac.  …… 

Jim Bob  

    {Jim Thompson, Past Pres, F-4 Society}


Full story here:  'The "Last One" departs'   Last F-4 taxis out for takeoff at DM. Courtesy photo/released by Public Affairs DMAFB




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