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F-4 Society Supports Alamogordo AFJROTC flight experience

Alamogordo Regional Airport, Alamogordo, New Mexico November 30, 2013. 

There were multiple gliders, Aero Club’s T-41 and DA-40 as well a Super Cub.

The Jr. Cadets really enjoyed a fun day flying for the first time, experiences bound.

They all got to fly in these aircraft experiencing some of the physics of flight.

Roll, Pitch, Yaw and so on,,,

Our own Jim and Helen Thompson were instrumental in coordinating our support to the Jr. ROTC flights.  They worked with Col. Andrew Croft, ACC 49 WG/CC, and (Lt Col Ret). Steve McDaniel Director of the Jr ROTC Program.

The Red River Rats Bong Chapter was also in show grilling up some Green Chile burgers and dogs. Jim and Helen got to mingle among the cadets, they had questions ranging from flight operations to maintenance, and if Jim couldn’t answer their questions he would put them in touch with someone who could as there were so many Air Force retirees in attendance.

These kids are our future, they are a very intelligent group and very inquisitive. It was a proud day for the F-4 Phantom II Society to have contributed to this opportunity for these Jr R.O.T.C.

Jim & Helen Thompson F-4 Phantom II Society  


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