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F-4C/D 81st TFW RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge

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F-4C/D 81st TFW RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge

I'm looking to contact anyone who was involved with the Phantoms of the 81st TFW. I'm preparing an article on the history of the aircraft with the wing and I'm trying to get some first hand input.

By way of reference you may recall my article on the Alconbury RF-4S in 'Smoke Trails Vol 18 No 4'



F-4C/D 81st TFW RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge

Was in the 78 TFS and flew the F-4D at Woodbridge from Oct 72 to Jun 76.  Also flew the F-4D (and occasional C) at Bentwaters during same period.



Thank you very much for responding. I would like to correspond with you . Is there any way I can send you a private message on the forum with my e mail address?

F-4C/D 81st TFW RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge

Sorry took so long to get back with you.  Should check this site more often.  Send email to

Michael France
Cpt Boyce ( BC ) Core

Hi Willy

Did you know ' BC ' at Woodbridge ?

I would like to contact him in some way if possible.

My e-mail is




Mike France


London England



Store Manager
RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge F-4C/D

Hello Doug!

Just read your posting of January 19th. There are a lot of us in the Society that served at and after the transition from the F-101 to the F-4 from fall of '65 through later years. I was a weapons Load Certification Crew Chief in the summer and fall of '68 before I left January '69. What is it specifically you are looking for? - Paul Kuzinski, F-4 Society Store Manager

81st TFW Phantoms


Thank you for your kindness in getting back to me. It is much appreciated. I'm writing an article about the F-4 with the 81st. I do want to cover the operations of the squadrons and the airplanes. I am not so interested in the domestic and social aspects of being part of a USAF unit based in the UK. I am also very keen to obtain personal input from people who were there about particular aspects of the wing's mission and operations. For example: Victor Alert and the nuclear mission; Exchanges with NATO Allies, where and why? Detachments to Wheelus for gunnery and nuclear delivery practice. I know there was some debate in the USAF about the necessity of developing conventional weapon capability alongside the nuclear role. This is an area where your own expertise can be of great help.

Also the transition from the Voodoo to the F-4C. Did this go smoothly? What, if any were the problems?

I would like to send you a copy of a previous published article to show you what I aim for. My e mail address is If you want to contact me at that address I'll send something to you.

Once again, thank you for your response and I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,




81 TFW

I was stationed at RAF Woodbridge, part of the 81 TFW, in the 78 TFS from 1974-1977. I was a crew chief.

81st TFW

I served with the 81st TFW from 1976-1978, stationed at RAF Woodbridge.  I was a crew chief on the F-4Ds.  Be glad to give any help needed.


I am a former crew chief on the F4C with the 91st TFS from August 1969 to August 1971.  I crewed aircraft 64-0870.  I worked Victor Alert and went on numerous rotations to Turkey, Italy and once to Greece.  What a great experience for a 20-22 year old young man!  Great assignment, great pilots and fantastic jets.  


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