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F-4E 75-0636 DCC

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Ben Lyle
F-4E 75-0636 DCC

I had the pleasure of crewing one of the newer F-4's that were built. Shortly after taking over as DCC in '86 she left for Depot at  Ogden, UT. About 3mths. later I was reunited with her and she was like a brand new bird. Pilots loved flying her because everything worked really well. Of course that didn't last, overtime things again start needing replacements and or adjustments. Sure miss the feeling of running those engines. When you crack burner on the trim pad. 17,000+ lbs of thrust per engine lets you know this baby can get it on. I never got a single picture of my bird whlie I was crew chief on her although I have found some posted online. When they closed George AFB they moved the 20th TTS to Holloman AFB. Last info I have is that they eventually returned to Germany. They had U.S. markings but were actually owned by Germany. The training was done here in the U.S., probably some government contract deal, by a mix of U.S. and German pilots. The only other F-4's I ever worked were the RF-4C's at OsanAB in '82-'83. Didn't get much experience working them there though. My real immursion into the world of Phantom Phixing was at George, AFB. I left GeorgeAFB for TravisAFB and the C-5 Dec30, '90. That was the last time I ever had the priviledge of crewing one of the finest fighters  ever built. If there is anyone that has pictures of F-4E 75-0636 I would be gratefull if you would post them. 

vietnam vet
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