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First and Last

Original F4H-1 Test Pilot, Bob Little, joined Lt. Col Ronald "Elvis" King May 13th in St. Louis, the home of the Phantom!  We could not tell the story any better than his daughter, Liz Little:

"Words cannot describe what took place on Friday May 13, 2016 in St Louis
with the meeting of my father, Bob Little (91 yrs. old) - the first test
pilot of the F4H-1 and Lt Col Ron 'Elvis' King who piloted the last F-4 to
fly in and out of St. Louis for the Spirit of St. Louis Airshow and STEM
Expo. I would like to personally acknowledge and thank Jacqui Poor, Cecil
Corbett (photo credits) and Dan O'Hara for coordinating and documenting this
magical event. It brings tears to my eyes... the love, the following, the
respect that you all have for this aircraft, the people who flew and still
fly the F-4. My father never imagined that in 1958 when he flew it for the
first time that 58 years later the F-4 would have such a following. It is an
incredible story."


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