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Welcome! Our Society sponsors a worldwide gathering of F-4 enthusiasts once a year. Aviators, maintenance personnel, support folks, hobbiests, photographers, modelers, watchers, ... all join up to share experiences, update friendships, and view F-4s in action. Some bring their extensive photo collections to share. We also attract vendors specializing in F-4 memorabilia and merchandise. We usually work in visits to various flying organizations on the base, trips to the flightline and near to the runway for photo opportunities, a trip to a local aviation museum if available, and of course if F-4 operations are present, a long stop there to catch up on our favorite warbird.  

Where next?  PhanCon 2017 is being planned for Pensacola, FL  

Here is the link to the PhanCon 2016 registration page:  Stay tuned for 2017 registration

Phancon 2016 Registration (closed)

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