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New "Black & White" High Quality Plus All 5 Color Spook Decals Now Just $0.99ea to July 1, 2014.


New Col. Robin Olds "SCAT XXVII" Lithograph

The F-4 Phantom II Society, in design and narrative collaboration with Aviation Graphics Artist, Ugo Crisponi of Italy, is pleased to announce a new, never before available through the Society's Store, a color Lithograph honoring the USAF's Triple Ace, Col. Robin Olds/AC with 1LT Stephen Crocker/WSO flying F-4C 64-0829 during "Operation Bolo" over N.Vietnam, January 1967. This extremely high quality artwork, summarizes the story of the 433 TFS's "Satans Angels" mission planned and led by Col. Olds flying "SCATXXVII" as the 8thTFWing CO. The new Lithograph is signed by the artist and numbered to 100 as a "Limited Edition" is now available.

USA Poet Honors F4 Phantom II - "Free" Signed/Numbered Print


F-4F Whittmund AFB - Phinal Pharewell Merchandise


QF-4 Crash near Holloman AFB Feb 7th

Around 9 AM an unmanned QF-4 crashed on White Sands National Monument about four to five miles short of Holloman's runway 22. No cause was stated.

599 finally makes it to Tyndall

68-0599 which left Davis Monthan back in April has finally made its way to Tyndall.  It is the last QF-4.  Only sixty QF-4s now remain at Holloman and Tyndall. Press release here.


F-4 Society Supports Alamogordo AFJROTC flight experience

Alamogordo Regional Airport, Alamogordo, New Mexico November 30, 2013. 

There were multiple gliders, Aero Club’s T-41 and DA-40 as well a Super Cub.

The Jr. Cadets really enjoyed a fun day flying for the first time, experiences bound.


On Nov 22, 1961 a USN YF4H-1 set a world speed record of 1606.342 mph.

Here is a nice article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on what led up to this accomplishment.   SKYBURNER

New Items in the F-4 Store..

 A variety of new items have been added to the store, including several all weather stickers good for five years.  Check em out!

And expect even more new items coming soon!

(10-1)  Four new lithographs are now available, including one commemorating the GAF F-4F Phinal Pharewell.

F-4's pay their respect to Col Bud Day {Aug 1st}

QF-4s fly one last missing man formation at Col Bud Day's funeral on August 1st at Barrancas National Cemetary, NAS Pensacola FL.  Thunderstorms in the area almost prevented this but at the last minute the lightning within five miles warning was lifted and the sun shined through the clouds. 

Bud Day Missing Man Formation
{credit NWF Daily News - Facebook}

Unmanned QF-4 crashes on runway at Tyndall (July 17) UPDATE

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (AFNS) -- An unmanned QF-4 drone, assigned here to the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group, crashed on the drone runway during take-off at 8:25 a.m., July 17, 2013. No personnel were injured during the incident.


GAF Phinal Pharewell

Today the GAF says its final goodbye to the F-4F.  Our VP of Operations, Jim Bloomberg, is over at Wittmund as an invited guest representative of the F-4 Society.  We eagerly await his and other member reports of the events the past three days.

A few new items in the F-4 Store

Two new items have appeared in the Store.

First, there is a nice F-4 Society refrigerator magnet...  for only $2.95.    Five by three and a half inches.  

And second, we now offer a DVD put out by AirUtopia on the F4 Cockpit.  75 minutes of great shots both interior and exterior.  

Last F-4 departs Davis-Monthan

Courtesy photo/released by Public Affairs DMAFB

AMARG's phinal Phantom delivery, RF-4C 68-0599, departed today {4/17} at 0955, making a successful landing at BAE Systems in Mojave, Calif.

Smoke Trails 19-1 is OUT!

   In case you have not noticed Smoke Trails 19-1 is out and available in our Store for download ($5). 

Of course, current F-4 Society members get it for free via a special link when they log in to the website.