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Info/pics on VTAS and ARN-101 needed, please...

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Info/pics on VTAS and ARN-101 needed, please...

Hello everyone, new to the forum and first post, so please be gentle!

I'm looking for good quality pictures of the VTAS kit fitted to the F-4J/N/S, and the ARN-101 cockpit equipment fitted to the F-4E and RF-4C. I always understood that the 'Arnie' mods were only fitted to USAF jets and possibly some Israeli F-4E's but, some recent images I've found of ROKAF F-4E's seem to show the doghouse antenna on the spine, if anyone can help I'd be grateful...


Best regards, Daz

ARN-101 was an intertial nav

ARN-101 was an intertial nav system, no external antennas.  I don't really remember there being anything in the front seat specifically for the ARN-101.  I think everything was in the back seat.   The only thing the pilot could really do up front was switch between reference inputs on the flight instruments i.e. between INS and ARBCS.

ARN-101 external antenna

ejiran, the ARN-101 did have (at least one) external antenna, as I already mentioned, it was on the spine inbetween the TACAN and UHF antennas, nicknamed or referred to as a 'doghouse' antenna. I would post an image but for some unfathomable reason the forum won't let me post images in the replies to to topics...


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