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Nose Strut Extension Prior to Cat Shot

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Marc Remhof
Nose Strut Extension Prior to Cat Shot

Today I snooped in the left wheel well of the F-4N at Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola looking for the switch that that extened the nose strut prior to cat shot. Not there. Good grief.

Is there such a switch? If so, where was it located on the F-4 A/B and J models? 

I worked with a staff member in the resource library at the museum today, and in one publication the switch is listed as located in the cockpit (where?) and another publication lists the switch as located in the left wheel well.

Beginning to believe there is no such switch and that the aircraft majically knew when to extend the strut. I was with VA-94 (A-7E mechanic) on board USS Coral Sea for the '71-'72 and '73 WesPac's and just can't remember how that strut extension was triggered. 

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