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somebody have info on the following ?!

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Coert Van Breda
somebody have info on the following ?!

forwarding a question, which I received from HQ AMC history at Scott AFB:

<We've received a query concerning a KC-135 which flew north of the DMZ in late '65/early '66 and dragged a badly damaged fighter back south, saving the plane and crew; the requestor is the -135 pilot.  We have conflicting info that it was either a Thud or a Phantom.  Any Phantom Phlyers or historians out there who recall this event and if so, can we get in touch with them?  The tanker driver'd like to know the names of the crew and we'd like to add the event to our documentation.  Much obliged, "Ranger Mark" Morgan, staff historian/former Navy attack puke (and son of a Phantom GIB, 388 TFW/49 TFW>

If you have input, please let me know via




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