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Various questions on the F-4E: Ordnance, Radar, Avionics, TISEO

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Various questions on the F-4E: Ordnance, Radar, Avionics, TISEO

Hi there! 

I'm Aussie_Mantis, I'm an avid F-4E fan and have been ever since as long as I can remember! I'm coming here to ask about what in heck the difference between all these AN/APQ-120 radars are:

AN/APQ-120 - AN/APQ-120(V) - AN/APQ-120(V)1 - - - > AN/APQ-120(V)6

And why do I keep hearing things about the AN/APQ-120 having some sort of "Look-down, Shoot-down" capability? I thought they were entirely incapable of using that type of setup due to the truncated, shrunken down fire control computer.

What are those reflective strips on the side and tail of Rivet Haste F-4Es for? Identification as Rivet Haste Phantoms? Indication of their formation leader role? Visual aid?

Did the F-4E use TERs plus the three inch spacer for the AIM-9 launchers?

Were any F-4Es retrofitted with internal ECM packages, or did they only ever use the external AN/ALQ-119/131 pods?

What exactly is TISEO? Is it just a camera that allowed F-4 pilots to zoom in on enemies far away, or was there more to it? Was it used to guide Mavericks, HOBOS and other such TV-guided weapons? Was it possible to slave the Radar or AIM-9J Sidewinder Extended Acquisition Mode to the TISEO set?


Sincerely yours,



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