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Smoke Trails 19-1 is OUT!

   In case you have not noticed Smoke Trails 19-1 is out and available in our Store for download ($5). 

Of course, current F-4 Society members get it for free via a special link when they log in to the website.  

Nice job Jack!  (and a Phantom salute to all of those who helped make it possible:  Jack Bosma, Jack Callaway, Ralph Delperdang, Michael France, John Harty, John Huggins, Stephen Miller, Paul Minert, Joseph Mortati, Fred Sheffler, Doug Slowiak, Don Spering and Jim Sullivan)

Smoke Trails is a volunteer effort and is primarily created from articles submitted by our membership. But everyone is welcome to contribute. The next issues major theme will be on F-4 restoration efforts.  

If you can help out Jack simply use Contact here and send your note to the Smoke Trails Editor.  

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