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The Society collects articles, books (in the form of PDFs), extracts, recordings and videos related to the F-4.  It is an eclectic collection.  

NAVAIR 01-245DB-2-1.2   This manual shows the proper location of decals and stencils for Navy F-4s and is an excellent resource for those restoring and maintaing F-4s on display, as well as those who create models.  It is a large volume which we have split into three parts.

  NAVAIR 01-245DB-2-1.2 (6-1 to 6-49)  8.3mb   Part1.pdf
  NAVAIR 01-245DB-2-1.2 (6-50 to 6-86P) 6.5 mb  Part2.pdf
  NAVAIR 01-245DB-2-1.2 (6-87 to 6-108)  2.4 mb  Part3.pdf


 USAF TO 1-1-4  This tech order covers the USAF Marking layout up through 1998.  

  USAF TO 1-1-4  5.1 mb  TO_1-1-4.pdf

aces & aerial victories: Combat Narratives   Now out of print, the Office of Air Force History and The Albert F. Simpson Historical Research Center produced in 1976 a collection of first hand accounts by USAF aircrews of their air battles over Vietnam. Below is the PDF version of that publication, "aces & aerial victories, The United States Airforce in Southeast Asia 1965-1973".

  aces & aerial victories: Combat Narratives 1965-1968 8.8 mb USAF1.pdf
  aces & aerial victories: Combat Narratives 1972-1973 8.7 mb USAF2.pdf

Odds and Ends.

  RecceReader from 08 has a great article on the RF-4 acquisition
         3.2 mb  RecceReader Spring 08.pdf

Roger Locher tapes on his rescue.   Two 45 min audio recordings  of Roger Locher talking about his rescue, the Oyster1B SAR. Interesting firsthand story of 23 days of escape and evasion in NVN. You should be able to listen to them online. Alas both tapes appear to be missing a few minutes at the end. IF anyone has the full recording please let us know. We also would like to know just when and where these recordings were originally made. They could have been from a presentation he made to a group. (8/1/10) 

  Oyster One Bravo Audio. part 1   oyster1b_pt1.mp3
  Oyster One Bravo Audio. part 2   oyster1b_pt2.mp3


AMARG   For years we were able to keep an up to date chart of the F-4's at AMARG/AMARC at Davis Monthan.  In 2009 that data was no longer available.  This link provides the last set of data we had as of April, 2009.    AMARG/AMARC Listing.

Sonny Billingsly has provided us a new 86 page listing of the full inventory at the 309th, current as of May 2014:   AMARG 5/2014 Inventory


Flight Manuals and Guides

USAF Flight Manual F-4E
NATOPS Flight Manual F-4J
NATOPS Flight Manual RF-4B

USAF F-4E Thunderbird Supplement F-4E

USAF F-4 Phantom Guide  for F-4 Test Pilot School

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