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The F-4 Society is an all volunteer effort, and so is this website.  Lots of folks help make the group and this site successful and we'd like to give them some due credit here.


Depending upon the type article you may or may not see a by-line.  These folks have provided behind the scenes good support in getting information out to you:

Jack Callaway, Bill Crean, Clark Creber,  Robert Kay, Paul Kuzinski, Fred Sheffler, Helen and Jim Thompson.   Thank you guys, and gal!  


While not a part of this site PhanCon is worked hard upon by several folks.  This year we give a salute to Bill Crean, Jack Callaway, and Helen Thompson, plus Fred Sheffler for managing the registration website for us.


The photos in our gallery are primarily from our members.  Where possible we have publically identified the person providing them. Depending upon the software used to create each subgallery you may be able to click on the photos to learn more information on who, what, where, and by whom. We also try to include in the internal  EXIF information of each photo the same information and any related copyrights.  If you like their work please thank them for sharing it here.  

If you have a photo you wish to share please use that same EXIF to include your information on the photo plus any copyright data. Do include a simple release for our use on our website and in our publication, Smoke Trails.  If you can't update the EXIF then just provide the information and we will add it in.  Questions? Contact the webmaster or editor of Smoke Trails.  

Images on the current banner slideshow on the main page are from a variety of sources.  The current template in use does not let us let you conveniently see who provided them so at the end of this post we've provided a list of these fine contributors.   Some of the photos were obtained from the "public domain" and the information as to who took them is unknown to us.  If you perchance were the photographer or you know who took the shot please let us know.  We would like to give proper credit to your/their fine work.  If we are mistakenly using restricted copyright material we will quickly remove same.  We try to respect all copyrights.  This applies to any photos used on the website.  

 {we are always looking for good "panoramic" shots to include... 950x355 pixels minimum.. got any?}

 Banner Slideshow credits (with some examples):

Photos in the banner either now or in the past were provided by:

Alan and Shawn Clish  Credit

Bill Crean  Credit

Donnie Dixon  Credit

Bill Fauth  Credit Credit

B Knowles  credit

Buck Seibert Credit

Fred Sheffler Credit Credit PhanCon 2009

Scott Wilson  Credit

Pierre-Yves Lecoeur  Credit

Shana Wittenwyler Credit


{ We will update as time permits.. but please remind the ole CrewChief if you find you are not mentioned. You know we appreciate it. }


 Final Credits:

YOU FOLKS!  Your contributions to the Society and inputs here on the website are what make this a great organization and online community.  Keep up the GREAT work!


Well, lest we forget...

 This Website:

For many years one of our members, Matt Critchley, managed this website. We heartily thank him for those fine years of service.

Matt passed the reins to Fred Sheffler in May 2009. Fred at the time was also our VP of Operations and he graceously took it on until we could find a new webmaster.  We are still looking Fred... ;^)  

In 2009 Bob Kay, our President, asked Fred whether he might be able to provide a way for our membership to communicate online, maybe via Forums or Blogs. So in the first year he worked on at least four different "solutions", none of which were just right.   Work on the current website using Drupal and CiviCRM began in 2010 (the first piece of content on this version was created 10/22/2010!). That worked for us! It was premiered to our membership in August 2012 and made public in September 2012.  

We love what he has created. We hope you like it too.  THANKS FRED!  

Good news.. two members stepped up to replace Fred in 2015, Shawn Byers and Greg Amos.  Thanks guys!

This site is currently hosted by a very Drupal/CiviCRM friendly ISP called appropriately enough, CiviHosting.  We recommend them.  They give us good guidance and support.  This is an unsolicited endorsement.  


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