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PhanCon 2023 Registration is now open



This article by Manuel Carazo covers the 123 Squadron TITANES PHOREVER event on 30thSeptember 2022 at Torrejon Air Base, Spain attended by members of the F-4 Phantom II Society.  Go to our forums to read the pdf file.  Note that you will need to be logged in to see and access the document.

In Remembrance: Steve Eisner

On March 26th, one of our longest standing members, Steve Eisner, passed away after a long illness.  The following are a few words from our officers that knew him best:

Uncirculated Hard Copies of Pre-PDF Smoke Trails Magazines - Limited Availability

Smoke Trails 28-1 Released

Meridian Mississippi's RF-4C Restoration Completion

Jeff Summerlin sent us this update on the Meridian RF-4C Phantom.  Thank you, Jeff!  She looks great!

PhanCon 2022 was Phantastic!

Update: Mississippi RF-4C Phantom Headed Home


Smoke Trails 27-2 Released

Family Pride

At the Olympic Games, recently, Elana Meyers Taylor won a Silver Medal in a new event, the Monobob.  Elana just happens to be the grandaughter of Don Spering, F-4 Phantom Society Member Number 3.  Don passed a few years ago but he was always proud of Elana and would visit her often in Georgia.  Don would have been happy to see her posted on our website and we are proud to do so.  Congratulations Elana!

Phantom Conference 2022

Announcing the First European Phantom Conference to be held at Andravida Air Base in Greece!  The dates for the conference are 5 and 6 July, 2022.  Registration opens to members in good standing on 26 March.  We hope to see you in Greece!

Returning Soon: Robin Olds Challenge Coin

Introducing our Newest European Liaison

The F-4 Phantom II Society welcomes our newest European Liaison, Captain Babis Kakoulidis, Hellenic Air Force, Retired.  Babis retired from 338 Squadron as Chief Officer for Weapons at Andravida Air Force Base, Greece, the last nest of Hellenic F-4 Phantoms.

Newly Elected Society Board Members

It is official, the new President and Vice President of the F-4 Phantom II Society are Greg Amos and Steve Billings, respectively.

Additionally, Manuel Carazo, Pilot, Author, will promote the Society through the F-4 Phantom Community website as our newest European Liaison.

Society Officer Positions

F-4 Phantom II Society members,


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