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Phancon 2024 Dates Announced

The 2024 F-4 Phantom Conference will return to Andravida Air Base in Greece July 10th and 11th.  Look for our registration page toward the end of March.  Stay tuned for updates over the next month.

The Distinguished Flying Cross Society

It has been awhile since we have the opportunity to share a reunion date from one of our partners.  See below, the Distinguished Flying Cross Society's reunion in October 2023.

Phancon 2023 call phor Photos

In Memorium

More Event coverage with the 123 Squadron TITANES

Honoring the 65th Phantom Anniversary

Members of the 123 TITANES Squadron celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the F-4 Phantom II.

All photographs courtesy of Ruben Galindo and Carlos De La Cruz.


In Remembrance: Steve Eisner

On March 26th, one of our longest standing members, Steve Eisner, passed away after a long illness.  The following are a few words from our officers that knew him best:

Uncirculated Hard Copies of Pre-PDF Smoke Trails Magazines - Limited Availability

PhanCon 2023 Registration is now CLOSED

Smoke Trails 28-1 Released

Meridian Mississippi's RF-4C Restoration Completion

Jeff Summerlin sent us this update on the Meridian RF-4C Phantom.  Thank you, Jeff!  She looks great!

PhanCon 2022 was Phantastic!

Update: Mississippi RF-4C Phantom Headed Home


Smoke Trails 27-2 Released


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