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F-4 Phantom II Society donates to the American Legion Post 46

PhanCon 2016 Call for Photos

PhanCon 2016, The Phinal Phlyout, is in the books and our 152 attendees enjoyed sunny weather and hot flying.  We had plenty of opportunity to see, hear and feel QF-4E Phantoms in flight and a few other aircraft along the way.  The F-4 Phantom II Society invites you to share your pictures with us to be placed in your own gallery on our website.

A Special 2016 "PhanCon" Commemorative 2 Ship Lithograph!!

Members Only Smoke Trails now Available

Members Only Smoke Trails Volume 22-1 is now available.  Once logged in, proceed to the Members Only section on the left side of this page and click on Members Only Smoke Trails.

QF-4 Phantom Airshow Appearances

If you are not able to attend PhanCon 2016, below is a list of remaining appearances by the QF-4 Phantom II that you can see and hear at airshows. 
They plan to fly two ships in for static display unless indicated below.

First and Last Continued...The Video

Video from May 13th, 2016 when Lt. Col Ronald "Elvis" King brought F-4E, 73-167 to St. Louis and chatted with Original F4H-1 Test Pilot, Bob Little.


Preserving Lance Sijan's MOH memorial in Milwaukee

First and Last

Original F4H-1 Test Pilot, Bob Little, joined Lt. Col Ronald "Elvis" King May 13th in St. Louis, the home of the Phantom!  We could not tell the story any better than his daughter, Liz Little:

First and Last (Photo 2)

Remembering Kermit "Frog" Armbruster

Last week, we lost our friend and Air Warrior, Kermit "Frog" Armbruster to cancer.  Kerm was a frequent attendee of PhanCons and loved the F-4 Phantom II Society.  We love you back, Kerm!  Thanks for the memories.  We thank member, Roger Mills for sending this excerpt to us to share with all of you.


Smoke Trails 21-2 Released


Ron Downey's Aviation Archives

Ron Downey was an Aeronautical Engineer with McDonnell Douglas for 40 years.  Below and on our Reference Material Tab, we have linked to Ron's website/blog featuring photos and manuals for the F-4 Phantom as well as other MCD products.


Video: "The Phantom Song" by Voltraid

The Rockband Voltraid, based in Germany, performs "The Phantom Song" in the linked video.  They are Phantom Phans just like us...but maybe more musically inclined.  The video was filmed on location at a German base with airframe 38+13.  Below is the lead singer's letter to us and links to the YouTube video and the Band's website. 

Purchase "Angel's Truck Stop" The Book


 Lt. Col. Angelica "Angel" Pilato is a member of the F-4 Phantom II Society and spoke to our conference in 2015 on "Her Love Affair with the F-4 Phantom." She received a standing ovation and kept the audience laughing with her engaging stories.

Photos from the Phinal QF-4 Drone to leave BAE Systems in Mojave

Photos of the last QF-4 Drone to leave BAE Flight Systems in Mojave, California (11/18/2013) were contributed by one of our members, who was present.  We thank Damon Duran for sharing these with us.  Sadly, the pilot for this flight, Jeffrey "Igor" Percy, was lost in 2015 when a Sabreliner he was flying in collided with a Cessna 172 near Brown Field Municipal Airport outside San Diego.


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