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New items in the store

The New Year brings a few new and different items in our store.

At the top of the list is something folks at PhanCon 2012 saw and almost always asked where they could get one.  It is a ceramic tile of the Spook, about six by four inches in size.  We now have a special arrangement for these in three colors suitable for hanging, for use as a paper weight, or incorporated in a full tile layout such as a counter backsplash.









The second is old but new.... T-Shirts from our past PhanCons.  I don't believe we ever have offered these in the store before. We have about fifty total from PhanCon 2005 to 2012..  Sizes are limited, so hurry on by to pick up one of these collectables. {update... all that are left are a few X-Large from 2006.  Thank you for clearing out our closet! ( Feb 5th) }  

The third is a very nice color photo of Date 4 (69-7235) at Ubon in 1972 just after she got a MiG-21 near Hanoi during a chaff mission. Very few "Blue Fours" were able to successfully turn the tables when attacked.  It was the last MiG kill out of the 8th TFW (Ubon) and the only one credited to the 4th TFW (336th TFS) while TDY there.  Photo is autographed by the crew, Fred Sheffler and Mark "Gunner" Massen (who are also F-4 Society Members).  

All of these new offerings are in our This 'n That selection in the store:   This 'N That  , or just check  New Items.

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