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Preserving Lance Sijan's MOH memorial in Milwaukee

Captain Lance Sijan, Medal of Honor, posthumously, is an American hero who perished in captivity during the Vietnam War.  His story of survival and perseverance epitomizes the Warrior Spirit to never quit.  An F-4C Phantom painted in his honor is on display in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconson, but is on the grounds of a former Air Force Reserve base where no one sees it.  Additionally, the land is under private development and the aircraft is not in their development plans.  A fundraising effort has begun to move the aircraft to a more visible spot at Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport.  This effort, led by Lance's sister, Janine, aims to raise $175,000 to move the Phantom and install it on a new pedestal.  Read more of Captain Lance Sijan's story in the link below.  If you would like to donate, there is a second link to an Eventbrite page.





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