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Video: "The Phantom Song" by Voltraid

The Rockband Voltraid, based in Germany, performs "The Phantom Song" in the linked video.  They are Phantom Phans just like us...but maybe more musically inclined.  The video was filmed on location at a German base with airframe 38+13.  Below is the lead singer's letter to us and links to the YouTube video and the Band's website. 

My Name is Flo Jung, i'm the singer and guitarplayer of the rockband Voltraid from Germany. We made a song about the F-4 Phantom together with Oberstleutnant (lieutenant colonel) Stefan Q Ritter. He is a testpilot at the WTD61 in Manching. He was the last german pilot who flew the F-4F, the 38+13 in the special painting orange/black, with the
words "Don't let me die, i want to fy!". He wrote 4 strophes, me two and the song tells the whole story of the german F-4F from the very beginning in the cold war, till the end when the Phantom is waiting to be scrapped! We made a spectacular videoclip for it, with the original aircraft F-4F 38+13, at the WTD61!  We would like it if you would watch it and share this story and the videoclip on your side, for all Phantom-lovers outthere to see!
If you need more information, pictures or whatever, you can have everything! I'm a big fan of this bird and i grew up near WTD61 and the sound of it! It would be a great honour!
  Official Videoclip "The Phantom Song" :
  Voltraid Homepage:>  
  Kind regards
  Flo Jung

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