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GAF Phinal Pharewell

Today the GAF says its final goodbye to the F-4F.  Our VP of Operations, Jim Bloomberg, is over at Wittmund as an invited guest representative of the F-4 Society.  We eagerly await his and other member reports of the events the past three days.

In the meantime, here is a video shot earlier this week during the dress rehearsal.  Early on you will see an F-4F (37+01) in a special Phinal Pharewell paint scheme. The other two F-4F's reflect earlier paint schemes  (38+10 and 38+33).

7/1 An additional video has now shown up on youtube.  Very nice tribute.  F-4 Phantom Farewell

7-28  AndrĂ© Jans contributed a fine article to FenceCheck.

Below is an excellent shot taken by Jamie Hunter  courtesy of FlightGlobal.


Coert Van Breda was able to attend Spotter day and sent back these shots.  Despite the rain he did a great job.

THANKS for sharing these with us Coert!














37+01 was the first F-4F for the GAF, and is now the last to retire.


























 38+10 is painted in the Norm 72 paintscheme, which the Luftwaffe used in the beginning.

38+13 is of WTD-61 (= test unit)
38+33 is painted in the Norm 80 paintscheme, used in the late 80s, early 90s

Thanks to all who put up Photos and Report/s about

GAF Phinal Pharewell. Wish I could have been there.

But sad times because of the last of the F-4's past &

present but not forgetten.

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