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Maguire 9th TFS Vietnam

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Maguire 9th TFS Vietnam

Good evening all. I am new to the forum. Ex USAF 73-77, ground controller in NORAD ADC. Worked some F-4s at 43rd TFS IN   Alaska. 

I collect jet helmets. I think I have the helmet of a Maguire, who flew F-4s in the 9th TFS. Think this is from their deployment in 72 to Thailand. Anyone know who this might be? The helmet had a silhouette of an F-4 and IX on the visor. You can see the faint outline. Guessing its 9th TFS. sure would like to find out if who this helmet belongs to. Cheers, all  King Control (king salmon alaska) huntress control, 24th ADS. 

any 9th FTS folks in Thailand 1972

Looking for Maguire... so any 9th TFS folks that were there, and never heard of Maguire?

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