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Darby Perrin
Support equipment

Hi!  I'm an aviation artist.  I've been commissioned to create a highly detailed Vietnam piece by the Travis Air Force Base museum.  What I've proposed to them is a view from inside of a hangar, with an F-4 being pushed back out to the ramp.  Problem is, I can't find any reference photos with an F-4 tow vehicle attached. Not from Vietnam anyway.  I was hoping you guys might have a few photos that might show an F-4 tow in progress.  Actually any ramp photos with ground equipment and support vehicles from that era would be of great help!  Thanks very much in advance,

-Darby Perrin

contact me at

I tried AGE or Aerospace Ground Equipment then Phantom towbar
OK so it's an Aardvark at least it's at Takhli
vietnam vet
Tow bar

Officially it is called a Garwood TD-4595 Aircraft Tow Tractors

vietnam vet
Tow tractor pics
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