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Clark AFB F-4E Desert Storm Era

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Clark AFB F-4E Desert Storm Era

Hello everyone, 

   I am building a model of an F-4E circa Desert storm era. I wanted to do a different loadout and was wondering if they were B-61 certified. If so, what station would carry the weapon and what would be a typical load out in addition to that weapon. Thanks in advance. 

Pat Green,

vietnam vet
Desert storm loadouts chart
Mark Veile
B-61 in Desert Storm?

The B-61 that I know of is a nuclear weapon.  I wasn't there, but I'm pretty sure there was no plan to use nukes on Iraq at the time.  

Yes, the F-4 could carry a B-61.  Usually a single weapon would be loaded on the centerline station.  Also outboard wing fuel tanks, ECM pod on the left forward missile well, 2 AIM-7s in the aft wells.  Inboard pylons probably clean, maybe AIM-9s (for "self defense"?)

For a Desert Storm jet, a G-model if from Clark, the link above should guide you.  

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