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309th Tactical Fighter Squadron

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Larry Dawson
309th Tactical Fighter Squadron


Anybody out there that was in 309th TFS at Homestead AFB, FL 1971-1972?


William E. Cummins
I didn't get there untill

I didn't get there untill 1977. was a great base till Andrew in 92

Arrived Homestead June 1969

Arrived Homestead June 1969 left August 1972.  Originally assigned to 436 TFS then later I think was 309 TFS (my forgetter is working overtime since it was almost 50 years ago.)  I was F-4E Weapons Control Systems troop in the Avionics shop.  

Don LaClair

I showed up a little late, was there from 1975-1979.  Spent four of the best years of my life

at Homestead as a weapons loader 462.

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