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Again about "El Toro Bravo"

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Again about "El Toro Bravo"

Dear Sir,

   I have one question about F-4 of USAF 388th TFW, 469th TFS, #67-0309 El Toro Bravo.

   This is a rather famous plane, illustrated many times, you can find photos in the internet and in many books, and you can also find a diecast model or decals with such insignia.

   On page 13 of the Osprey booklet "USAF F-4 Phantom II Mig killers 1972-1973" there is a photo of El Toro Bravo with the following caption: " 469th TFS F-4Es shared in the outbreak of personal nose-art that enlivened South-east Asia-based aircraft in 1968-71, but this had largely vanished from Phantom Ils by 1972. F-4E-35-MC 67-0309 was assigned to Lt Col Erickson and 1Lt Williams, although neither they nor the jet were official recipients of a MiG kill confirmation. The star on El Toro Bravo's splitter plate was either a disallowed claim or a 'carry over' by a previous occupant of the cockpit. The aircraft appears to have suffered flak damage to its inboard wing pylon (via C W Moggeridge)

   I have found more than one Lt Col Erickson in the USAF roster, among them a Richard J., a Richard R., a Robert D., a Roland W, a Ronald C up to a Robert E. Erickson that fought in the second world war, Korea and Vietnam!

   Can anyone identify correctly the pilot?

   In a previous post of 04/29/2022, vietnam vet told that the star was not official, as the kill happened during a ceasefire.

   Could be possible to have more details?

Thank you for your attention


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