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AWG-10A/B Optical sight

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AWG-10A/B Optical sight

Hi guys

I am working on some updates to the Milviz F-4S/J Phantom for Flight Simulator X/Prepar3D. I am looking for diagrams (or verbal descriptions) of the appearance and behavior of the AWG-10 optical sight in its differing modes (Computer release visual(CRV), Continuously displayed impact(CDI), Freeze Displayed Impact (FDI), Built in test (BIT) and A-A).

Also would like to know how the front cockpit radar display on the AWG-10 differs from the radar scope at the back aside from its much smaller size.

Anyone here who can recall this info? I have scoured the net for tactical manuals on the F-4S but to no avail. Kinda odd since I have no problems finding weapons delivery manuals for the F-4C/D/E/F and even the G wild weasel.


Jonathan Bleeker

Milviz systems programmer


F4J optical site

The J's I flew in Vietnam had ordnance delivery sites that were simple mechanical glass reflection panels that were useless. Low level CAS was very accurately placed by "that looks

about right"; hit the pickle NOW. Regards ,BobLL

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