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Colonel Leroy Stutz, USAF Ret

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Colonel Leroy Stutz, USAF Ret

Col. Leroy W. Stutz, USAF Ret  passed away on July 9th, 2023 at the age of 83.

Col Stutz was born in Atchison, KS and attended the United States Air Force Academy.  After completion of flight training, he was assigned to an RF-4C Phantom II at Shaw AFB.  In 1966, his unit deployed to Southeast Asia.

On his 64th combat mission over North Vietnam,  Leroy was shot down and captured 2 December 1966. He was listed as MIA for the next three years and then POW.  On 3 March 1973, after the Paris Peace Agreements were signed, Leroy was released after 7 years to return to the United States and his family.

Although he was medically grounded from flying, Leroy and his wife, Karen decided to stay in the Air Force. They served 4 years at the Air Force Academy, 1 year at the Air and Command Staff College, 6 years at MacDill AFB, 1 year at the Air War College, and another 3 at MacDill, 2 years at Tinker AFB and lastly Chanute AFB, IL.  Leroy served a total of 37 years in the Air National Guard and Air Force. His military decorations included two Silver Star Medals, two Legion of Merit ( one with V), one Distinguished flying cross, two bronze star medals ( both with V), two purple heart medals, four Meritorious service medals, six air medals, POW medal, and others.

Col Stutz was a Pfriend to the F-4 Phantom II Society, was a guest speaker at one of our Conferences and affected personally the lives of a few of our members.

Leroy is survived by his wife, Karen Lee; son, Brian Scott Stutz; daughter-in- law, Patty Stutz; three grandchildren: Aaron, Aimee and Austin Stutz; one grand daughter-in-law, Anissa Stutz who is the mother of his great grandchild, Winnie Stutz. Leroy was a brother to his two deceased sisters Helen Caplinger and Jeanette Berry.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Red River Rats Association

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