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The Da Nang Turn. From Ubon Air base

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John Spolans
The Da Nang Turn. From Ubon Air base

Thank for letting me join your fine organization.  I would like to know if there is anyone out there that flew the "Da Nang Turn" from Ubon.  Could you please tell me what unit you were in and whe you flew this misson.  The VA has said I do not qualify for Vietnam benifits if I did not have "Boots on the Ground" in Vietnam.

Any ifnormation would be helpful.

Da Nang

I can only speak to my research for operations during 1972 but Da Nang would have been used as an FOL like Bien Hoa during the Eastern Offensive.  Sorites depart Thai bases ( Ubon/Udorn/Taklhi ect ) strike targt inbound and recover at Da Nang. Once jet is turned ( re armed / fueld ) at Da Nang would stike another target enroute back to home station. 

John Spolans
Da Nang turn

You don't happen to have any more information as to where I could look to see what units participated in the "Da Nang" turn and stuff like that do you?


Da Nang Turns

I don't think I flew any turns, but I believe our squadron did. I was a GIB in 72 at Ubon with the NITE OWLS, 497TFS.  I did divert in there a couple of times.

Email He may have more info.

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