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Did the 56FW/56TRS use the F4 for pilot training, not the 58th

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Did the 56FW/56TRS use the F4 for pilot training, not the 58th
Gene K

If you are talking aboiut the 56th Tactical Fighter Wing at MacDill AFB, Florida-- the wing was previously the 1st TFW until 1975 when it became  the 56th Tactical Fighter Wing, having to relinquish it's designation so that the FIRST USAF F-15 wing at Langley AFB could use 1st TFW. Heritage be damned (I was in the 94th, which was renamed the 62nd TFS),.  

 The 1st, and then 56th TFW conducted F-4D/E replacement training at McDill for USAF and foreign pilots, weapon systems officers, and maintenance personnel from July 1970 until July 1982.

Gene K

I seriously enjoyed my RTU at

I seriously enjoyed my RTU at MacDill in D models. I was posted to the 63rd TFS Panthers in 80/81.  In the adjoining building was the 13th TFS also flying Ds.  Yes, we were TFS, not TFTS. I only have a guess as to why--just to save admin energy and costs, since both of those squadrons were on the bubble for Viper refits. At that time, there were 2 other squadrons in the 56th, both flying A/B model Vipers. IIRC, they were the 61st & 62nd TFTS.  Of course after Rhino D RTU, I had to complete my slatted E conversion at my gaining unit (Moody).  I later caught up with the 13th as my sister squadron in Misawa while I was in the 14 TFS Flying Samurai. The 61st and 62nd both moved to Luke (early 90s I think). 

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