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Many F-4 have met the reapper this year.  go to F-4 album. do not join flickr.


Kevin Kennedy
Really something to think

Really something to think back that just 15-20 years ago, there were around 900 Phantoms stored at AMARC/G. Many returned to flight as QF's... Many met the scrapman and in a somewhat efficient fashion, it seems... Too bad! Another sign of it being the end of an era! A recent and quick look at Davis-Monthan AFB on Google maps reveals that there was only 24 Phantoms remaining there, this is probably about 18+ months ago... Maybe I missed a section of F-4 storage, but don't think so... I did hear that as of last year, there were even less than those 24.

As a matter of fact, F-4 Phantom II #66-7668, which was the subject of an earlier post (about two months ago), here on the Phantom Society, has also succumbed to it's end... As of 15 June, it was sent to HVF West in Tucson and scrapped...

Phantoms Phorever!


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