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F-4 Phantom II Society Reunion - Save the Date

It has been awhile since we have all gotten together after Phan-Con 2016.   Phantom Conferences are an event of the past but we should not lose the opportunity to get together.  The F-4 Phantom II Society will hold the first of it's kind Reunion in Houston, Texas on October 17th and 18th, 2019.  The Reunion will be held in advance of the Wings over Houston Airshow and feature some excursions and dining opportunities around Houston.  One important detail already established is that there will be no upfront fee to you.  Although we will have an EZRegister page, it will be loosely organized.  With no financial commitments, this event will not be canceled due to low numbers.  Expect the page to go active this summer and we hope you will join us in Houston. 

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