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F-4 Phantom II Society supports City of Alamogordo F-4 Relocation and painting

Past President Jim Thompson presents a check for $500.00 to Mr. Jim Talbert in support of the restoration and display of the QF-4E for the city of Alamogordo New Mexico on behalf of the F-4 Phantom II Society.

Below is an update from Jim Talbert.  He will add periodic updates in our forums.

I would like to thank all those who have donated to get out Phantom II painted, and those who will donate In the future!  F-4E Phantom II, 74-1625 was moved from its former home at the Drone Squadron at Holloman all the way across the base to the main ramp to be a static display for the Holloman open house.  Crash Recovery did a wonderful job of towing it, yes, at walking speed.  This may well be one of the last appearances of an F-4 at an open house or an airshow.  Many of the local F-4 Phantom II Society members stood with the plane to answer questions and assist in accepting donations for paint.

After the show, those same wonderful crash recovery troops moved our baby to the paint barn, where she sits today.  We will begin the preparation process when the paint booth is available.  I had another thought.  What about a wrap?  Have you seen the CAF C-47 “That's All Brother”?  That is a wrap!  It is more expensive, but is not subject to the EPA rules that painting is.  It also has a longer life span.  Any of you guys out there have any experience with wraps?  I am looking at about 3 times the cost of just the paint.

I am still looking for burner cans and nozzles for the bird.  I have talked to AMARG and The Pima Air Museum with no luck.  Any other ideas?  Thanks for your support as we are going to make this happen!




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