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F-4B Ordinance in1967

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F-4B Ordinance in1967

<p>For the past several years I've been taking trips to Laos in search of a family friend after being shot down in his F-4B in Laos near the Vietnamese border.&nbsp; I often participate in coordination with the U.S. Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency.&nbsp; This pilot bailed out but was never found which brought me there starting in 2010.</p>
<p>I just returned from an another trip to the search area and the villagers has done a "slash and burn" of the hillside where the aircraft crashed.&nbsp; Everything is now exposed in this area and I found some previously undocumented ordinance laying on the ground, almost certainly from the F-4B.&nbsp; I personally was an Army helicopter guy during the war and know absolutely nothing about what may have been hung on the wing of the Marine F-4.&nbsp; I'm asking help in the identification of these items but, being new to this website, I don't know how to do this.</p>
<p>If anyone is familiar with 1967 Marine F-4B ordinance or underwing fixtures could you please email me at and I'll forward you pictures and descriptions.&nbsp; These items did not cook-off during the burning so I'm not even sure they're pieces of ordinance.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Thanks for any assistance.</p>

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