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F-4C Tail Number ID Search

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F-4C Tail Number ID Search

Location: George AFB, CA

Date: July 1, 1971.

Occasion: I, Everett P. Rein, received a re-enlistment incentive flight, back seat F-4C.

Quest:  I am requesting flight schedule data for that day to include F-4C tail number for sure and pilot's name if possible, but not necessary if privacy concerns are in-play. 

Unit: 479th TFW, Squadron, probably the 4452 CCTS. The squadron was located farthest on north side of flight line adjacent to largest hangar.

My eldest son commemorated the flight date by presenting me with his beautifully rendered 24 X 18 oil painting of the F-4C type airplane used on the flight date. Because I cannot remember the tail number of the actual F-4C (actual subject of this post), my son painted-in the flight date as the tail number on the vertical fin - i.e., 63-7171 (production year + last three digits) plus the two-digit GC squadron designation.


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