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F-4E intercept simulation

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F-4E intercept simulation

I recently wrote an intercept simulation of the AN/APQ-120 radar display from the F-4E. It runs on WinXP through Win10. It is freeware and available for download at the link below.  Please send me suggestions for improvement.

Head-on pass to extension and oblique loop.

In 1969 I was sent to the Huntington Beach MCDAC-West location to show them how to program aircraft in a program they got from MCAIR. They had hired a consultant who was a first officer on a Untied 727. He knew some Phantom maneuvers from watching action over El Toro MCAS.  My first real instruction at Top Gun was the display for the radar to make an intercept and launch the semi-active radar guided AIM-7D. I have a computer here with WIN 10 PRO. At one time I tried to program a TI-34 programmable calculaor to make an intercept of a supercruiser in the way the F-106 could automatically make an intercept for an AIM-4E. I,m pleased to make your acquaintance. Beware my rustiness. I'm a BS Physics from the University of Michigan. My computer savvy is not strong in C or C ++. I began in Fortran and assembly just enough to degug a run on the IBM 360-85. I will look at your dedicated Doppler display driven by ?

I have your B-scan based program

Just a first look at what came I see a manual and a need to create a nest for teh program in Program files from the ZIP. THX

The program is working.

I ran it a bit and consulted the documentation The keys all work as expected. I changed between flying and radar scanning to absorb the change to a pilot in back as Navigator positions were phased out.

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