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F-4G 69-7213/SP picture needed

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Coert Van Breda
F-4G 69-7213/SP picture needed

received a request from the Spanish Air Force Museum Researcher :

does anybody of the older members in the F-4 community, have a picture of F-4G 69-7213/SP ?

Have requested Spangdahlem PAO for input, but nothing yet. Maybe one of you can help.

This was a F-4E, that used to fly with the RAAF, but - after her return to the USAF - was converted to F-4G.
Believe she flew with the 35th TFW at George AFB, but eventually joined 81st TFS at Spangdahlem in late 1979.
A few months later (March 13th 1980) she crashed into Mount Moncayo, Spain.
Both crew (Major Bourque and Capt. Logan) died in the crash.




vietnam vet
Here is a site with pictures

Here is a site with pictures of your aircraft when it flew for the RAAF. You have to scroll down pretty far to find the pics. The planes are in numerical order.


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