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F-4J Cockpit dimensions

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F-4J Cockpit dimensions

Hi, I am a new member, having stumbled across this site in search of information on the F-4J.

Specificaly, I am looking for cockpit dimentions of the F-4 as I am planning to build a full size replica of this aircraft.

I have found many useful documents and drawings on the internet, but they all seem to lack any size information.

One of the first things I want to build is the pilots pannels. As there are many scale drawings of these, just a few dimentions would set the scale for me to create them. However any dimensions would be useful, and greatfully recieved.


Edit:  I have some scale drawings but with no scale or dimentions.  If I can get some basic measurments such as the dimentions of a single panel I can calculate the other dimentions.  Any help, no matter how small, will be very useful. Thanks.

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