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F4 on display at the Citadel

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F4 on display at the Citadel

Sometime in 1987, I got a call from some guy who wanted to put an F 4 on display at the Citadel in Charleston SC. Personally I thought he was nuts, but I gave him my opinion that it could be done. Airlift a F4 over the city would require a lot of "coordination" between the city the Citadel the Army and the Air Force leadership at CAFB. Never gonna happen right.  Then one Saturday morning on the flight line I met Major General Buck Shuler. Somehow he found his ole crew chief from the 60's and his serviceable F4D 64-816. He got permission to fly it to CAFB for decommissioning. He handed me the forms and said call me if you need anything. That was it, just geter done.  it took me a little over a year, but it happened. Now if you go to "F4 at the Citadel hit by a tree during storm" you can see ole 614 in the parade field. I have photos of the airlift but don't know how to upload them.


Coert Van Breda
hello Chenson11,

hello Chenson11,

if you want to forward these pictures to me :

Could be interesting for a publication in a future SmokeTrails.




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