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F4 records

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Mark Marlowe
F4 records

Does the F4 still hold any time to climb or speed records?


F4 Records

The F-4 set quite a few records but I do believe the F-15 ended up exceding them.  Higher thrust to weight ratios helped.

See this wiki for more info on the records originally set with unmodified F-4s..

So, no, I don't think it still holds any records.  

But do also see this.

F16 powered J79

Back in the development trials at Fort Worth the F16 powered J79 beat the F16 powered P&W version on several flights so I am told by older folk who were around here at that time. They said it was due to the J79 being a Turbojet which goes as fast as the pilot pushes the trottle up where the Fan jet engine needs to spool up which reduces their now time but in the top end it obviously can leave the J79 in the dust and turn allot tighter turns / AOA when required.

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