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G-139 HIAC-1 Pod

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Peter R Foster
G-139 HIAC-1 Pod

I believe only seven aircraft were wired to carry this pod? 66-0419 the prototype then 66-0438, 0440, 0446, 67-0453, 68-0549 and 68-0593. Is this correct? Next all apart from the trials jet, were assigned to the 15thTRS and they used the pod to monitor the 38th Parallel. Was it used elsewhere and when438, 440 & 549 were gifted to the RoKAF did the pods go as well?

vietnam vet
In the book "the Phantom

In the book "the Phantom Story" by Anthony Thornborough he states that after the 15thTRS squadron was deactivated the aircraft were given to the ROK air force (Hankook Kong Goon) along with 8 new "Pave Drag Pods" as they were known. This all started under the the project "Operation Peace Eagle".

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