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Heatblur - DCS: F-4E Phantom II

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Heatblur - DCS: F-4E Phantom II

Hi everyone,

First off, I'm in no way affiliated with Eagle Dynamics or Heatblur, I just thought it'd be appropriate to let you guys in the F-4 Phantom II Society know that DCS will be getting a full bore simulation module of the F-4E Phantom II, I thought it would be a crime to not let some of the more established and older communities of the aircraft in on the action!

The guys who make Digital Combat Simulator (DCS), Eagle Dynamics, actually started life in Russia, but today it's hosted in Switzerland, with developers from all walks and all countries and backgrounds, aviation, intelligence, you name it.  They make crazy good simulations of full cockpit interactive (All buttons / systems work) and physics.

Fun fact, real A-10c student pilots formally use a combination of DCS and VR (Virtual Reality), all consumer goods anyone can buy, to sharpen critical skills, yeah, this "game" is that good, especially when using VR.

Now Heatblur are a third party external company who specialize in making specific modules (Aircraft), so they dedicate development to a single aircraft at a time, meaning the realism (within legal bounderies) are off the charts.  These guys have released an F-14 Tomcat module, which has recieved serious praise from old F-14 pilots and RIOs alike.

So with all that said, here's a teaser of Heatblur's monumental effort recreating the F-4E Phantom II, I can only imagine you guys will enjoy the video!

 Have a nice Sunday and God bless.





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