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Hello from Germany and I would like to indroduce Myself.

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Hello from Germany and I would like to indroduce Myself.


Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

I would like to introduce myself a little bit and saying I'm happy to become a member of this Society.

My Name is Jürgen I'm born in the south of Germany 1961, so I'm 54 Years old. I worked 8 Years for the Germany Air Force, for the Aufklärungsgeschwader 51 Immelmann in Bremgarten, close to the Swiss and French Border. I worked the First 3 Years as a Mechanic and after 2 Years of Education I was promoted for the Crew Chief Position. With our Phantoms I visited several Places...Goose Bay, Beja-Portugal, Decimomannu-Sardinien, and Belgium and Turkey.

This was the best time in my life. I still love the Phantom. I worked on the RF-4E. I also received a Education doing Engine Run Ups with this Aircraft. I did over 1000 Engine Runs during my active Time. I still work in the Aviation, after my active Airforce Time I start with an additional Education over 12 Years and worked as an Inspector Class 1 on several American Airplanes. Learjets and Boeings and Dassault Aircrafts. Since 11 Years I have my own Company with four team Members. Unfortunately, here in Germany the Phantom are gone since 2 Years, no Smokes anymore to see. Also, many people in these days don’t like Military Jets...I still love them. I worked a couple of times together with Americans from the US Air Force during my Air Force Time, I had also a lot of good encounters during my time. Over the last 20 Years I was so often in the United States, taking some Deliveries and visiting some MX Courses. It was always a pleasure for me to stay in your country. I also spend 6 Month in Seattle following some Boeings when I was working for British Airways. It was a wonderful time. I really love your Country. I Love Amerika.

So, i wish all of you a wonderful Christmas Time a Happy New Year 2016 Peace and Health for you and your Family. And maybe somewhere, somehow, we maybe see us. Watching great Airplanes, and have a beer together.

Sunny Greetings from the south of Germany,


Hello from Germany

Greetings, Jurgen, 

The Society wishes you the same this holiday season.  Welcome aboard and come see us next year in Alamogordo, NM for the Phinal Phlyout!  Thank you for your membership.

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