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The Last Phantom

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The Last Phantom

I thought some of the Phantom Pholks might like to see some photos of the last Phantom built.  It was an F-4E, s/n 78-0744.  Although it had USAF markings for the photos it was built for the ROKAF—Republic of Korea. The photos were shot on October, 1979 in front of McDonnell Douglas building 2 (final assembly) which comprised the west end of the large manufacturing plant. That’s me on the right with another MCAIR engineer. When I first hired on with MCAIR in April, 1978 I had some minor affiliation with the F-4, after which I transferred to the full scale development program of the F/A-18.  After the official photo shoot the company allowed employees who had any association with the F-4 to have their photo taken with the jet, after which they received an 8X10 glossy. Cool, count me in!

Steve Billings

can't see the attached photo.....

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