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Looking for f4 phantom parts

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Looking for f4 phantom parts

Hi everyone,

Ive just joined as I am in search of some F4 Phantom cockpit parts.  My partner worked on the Phantoms in the RAF in the late 80's, and I was searching for some parts as a keepsake for him.  Dont know much about it but probably dials? I am in Perth, Australia so would need them posted, so would need to know how much it would cost.  Maybe 2 dials I could get mounted on a nice piece of timber here. If you have anything suitable send me an email with pics, dimentions of parts and cost including postage.  Want to get this sorted for christmas time if possible. I have seen some dials..... Tachometer, temp, fuel flow, angle of attack, vertical velocity indicator, but not sure how big and heavy these are.  I only want  "used" genuine F4 Phantom parts.       (

Thanking you in advance,


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