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Looking for info on modified F-4J

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Looking for info on modified F-4J

Hi new member here.

Im looking for information on one or more modified F-4J airframes.

I recently picked up an old Aerophile magazine (1979) which focused on RF-4 models.

Amongst the line drawings is a profile of a modified F-4J Painted in blue upper surfaces and black lower surfaces tail no 556. The aircraft has a centreline recce pod and ECM pods and Antenna. 

Ive gathered a lot of books etc on the F-4 over the years but this is the first ive seen of this modification.

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated or is it an urban myth?



vietnam vet
I recemtly stumbled across an

I recemtly stumbled across an article on Phantom recce pods in the magazine Aviation Week written in 1973. It mentions how McDonnell Douglas worked with General Dynamics to make a pod for the Air Force. Some were delivered to the Air Force for evaluation and the Navy was then showing an interest in the pod also for the simple fact it wouldn't take up a lot of space on a carrier. That's as far as the article went except to mention that it was 22 feet long, was mounted on the centerline station etc. Would be interested in seeing your picture if you wouldn't mind sending it to me. My email is

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